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Q: Who built your website?

A: My graphic designer friend Rob Garbowski configured the template. He also created the banner on the main page. Real brand AMBIEN online, His band Sweettooth, by the way, rocks quite well, AMBIEN overnight.
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Q: What is the "Archived Site" mentioned on the navigation bar?
A: That's my old website. AMBIEN results, There is a lot of material over there (including some travel journals, a score of interviews, and all my old Sordid Tales of a Bartender in Heat columns) that was just going to take way too much time to repost, AMBIEN treatment, one article at a time, Purchase AMBIEN online, over here. Too much work, not enough time in the day, BUY AMBIEN NO PRESCRIPTION. You can still visit the old site, but it's more like a ghost town over there, kjøpe AMBIEN på nett, köpa AMBIEN online, which is fine. AMBIEN for sale, Ghost towns can be fun too. But it's here where the action is.

Q: Do you have Instant Messaging, AMBIEN images. BUY AMBIEN NO PRESCRIPTION, A: Yes, I'm on AOL (AIM) , screen name: edecker62. Feel free to drop my line. AMBIEN cost, Q: Are you on any social networking sites?
A: Yes:


BlipFM (online DJ site - awesome!)

Q: Can you write articles on spec for my newspaper or magazine?
A: Absolutely. I am a freelancer and am able and open to picking up new writing assignments.

Q: Are you available for readings and speaking engagements?

A: Yes, order AMBIEN from mexican pharmacy. I routinely schedule readings and other spoken word performances in California, BUY AMBIEN NO PRESCRIPTION. I also occasionally visit classrooms of all grades to talk about writing and journalism. Is AMBIEN safe, Just email me for more info.

Q: How do I find out about upcoming readings and other events?

A: Sign up for the mailing list

Q: When can I catch you on the radio?

A: As of now,  The Binge on 103.7 Free FM (in San Diego) is on hiatus, what is AMBIEN. The Binge, Discount AMBIEN, hosted by Andy and Max, is the only show on radio that condones drinking. BUY AMBIEN NO PRESCRIPTION, Or, as the hosts put it, The Binge is about the 4 food groups: Drinking, Sports, Music and Women. The show airs every Friday at 10pm and I am a recurring guest the first Friday of every month when I sit in the studio and shoot the shit with Max and Andy about bartending and boozing, AMBIEN mg. I also do a recurring bit called Drunk Thoughts. AMBIEN brand name, Tune in and/or call the studio. (619) 570-1037. We'd love to talk to you, BUY AMBIEN NO PRESCRIPTION.

Q: Is Drunk Thoughts a ripoff of Deep Thoughts by Jack Handey?
A: Yes, AMBIEN without prescription, most definitely. Fast shipping AMBIEN, Q: Why is it that I sometimes don't see your Sordid Tales column in CityBeat. Isn't it a weekly column?
A: Sordid Tales is now a biweekly column. It used to be in the paper every week, AMBIEN forum, but I found that being on the weekly column grind kept me from getting things done, Ordering AMBIEN online, such as revamping my website, or publishing books. From now on Sordid Tales can be found in CityBeat Magazine BUY AMBIEN NO PRESCRIPTION, every other week, usually around page 7 or so.

Q: How do I get the current Sordid Tales online?
A: You can get it right here, get AMBIEN, the same day it hits the stands, AMBIEN description, every other Wednesday. Just click on CURRENT COLUMN in the Category menu on the right side of the page.

Q: Why does Sordid Tales have two names?
A: When Sordid Tales first began in 1997, AMBIEN natural, it was called Sordid Tales of a Bartender in Heat. It ran in a now defunct music and culture magazine called SLAMM. Buy AMBIEN online no prescription, Sordid Tales of a Bartender in Heat was about the comedy and the tragedy of the nightclub business as told by a veteran mixologist.


For about 6 years, that was the title, until SLAMM sold its interest to Southland Publishing and became San Diego CityBeat, BUY AMBIEN NO PRESCRIPTION. The people at Southwest decided they wanted to keep my column in the mix but asked if I wouldn't mind broadening the theme a tad since CityBeat would be distributed to a much larger, more diverse audience, AMBIEN gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release.

It was good timing because after 6 or so years I had become bored with the industry-only topics to which Sordid Tales of a Bartender in Heat was limited. AMBIEN used for, So, with the blessing of my new editor, Dave Rolland, my AMBIEN experience, I shortened the title and widened the scope: Where Sordid Tales of a Bartender in Heat was about the tragedy and the comedy of the bar scene as told by a veteran bartender, Where can i buy cheapest AMBIEN online, Sordid Tales was about the tragedy and comedy of the universe as seen through a bartender's eyes. This allowed me to write about anything I wanted while still keeping the bartender tone: current events, politics, generic AMBIEN, religion, AMBIEN photos, romance, sports, cinema, AMBIEN dose, science, Buy AMBIEN without a prescription, pop culture, and of course sex and drugs and rock and roll now all easily fall under the umbrella of Sordid Tales coverage.

BUY AMBIEN NO PRESCRIPTION, Q: I hear you play chess. How can I challenge you?
A: I play on a free chess site, buying AMBIEN online over the counter. Just go to and register for free. Is AMBIEN addictive, Then look me up and challenge me to a game. My user name is rooksmasher. Shoot me an email when you're ready to challenge so I know to accept.

Q: Will there ever be a compilation of your Sordid Tales columns?
A: Yes, BUY AMBIEN NO PRESCRIPTION. Stay tuned here, online AMBIEN without a prescription.

Q: What is Modern Drunkard Magazine?
A: Only one of the funniest drinking periodicals ever. Buy AMBIEN from canada, It's all about booze culture. They reprint my Bartender columns but that's not why I think it's so great. BUY AMBIEN NO PRESCRIPTION, It's just good, funny shit. The art is pulp-noir, taking AMBIEN, the writing style is unapologetic hooch humor. AMBIEN from canada, Modern Drunkard Magazine is based in Denver but distributed nationally. The best part about it is, every year they have a convention, doses AMBIEN work. It's usually in Las Vegas, AMBIEN schedule, which is the perfect place for a convention of drunkards. It's always a blast, BUY AMBIEN NO PRESCRIPTION. The Modern Drunkard Magazine convention is basically a 3-day drunkfest, with awesome live bands and performance artists, buy AMBIEN without prescription, burlesque shows, contests, speakers, mixers, after hours parties and of course booze booze booze everywhere you turn.

Q: How can I get the print version of Modern Drunkard?
A: From their website.

Q: Why is it, in your writings, you always say, "second best," such as, "Annie Hall was Woody Allen's second best movie," or "Stephen Hawking is the second smartest scientist". How come you never say something is the best or the biggest or the smartest?

A: Because superlatives make me uncomfortable. I don't think anyone can really say what is the best movie is, or who is the smartest scientist. Especially, when somebody else is saying it for you. For instance, I may think Broadway Danny Rose is Woody Allen's best movie, but you may not, so, I say it's the second best and let the reader decide for themselves which they think is best.

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