Have you heard about Conservapedia BUY LOXITANE NO PRESCRIPTION, . It's a relatively new online encyclopedia that boasts a conservative bias. LOXITANE pharmacy, Aside from its Christian conservative leanings, Conservapedia looks and operates similar to Wikipedia, with the entries posted and edited by anyone who wants to, LOXITANE overnight.

Conservapedia was created by a high-school teacher, LOXITANE online cod, Andy Schlafly, in order to offset what he believed was a liberal slant on Wikipedia. And offset he did, doses LOXITANE work. From the minute you load it, you can see the conservolasses dripping all over the thing, BUY LOXITANE NO PRESCRIPTION.

For instance, Ordering LOXITANE online, on the left side of the home page, near the top, they feature the Bible Verse of the day, discount LOXITANE. In the right column are links to typical conservative news stories with titles like, Herbal LOXITANE, "Planned Parenthood, Worse Than You Think." There is also a link to a list of posting guidelines called "The Conservapedia Commandments," which, LOXITANE description, to their credit, LOXITANE from canada, insists that, "Everything you post must be true and verifiable."

In the inside of the encyclopedia are several controversial posts that mightily display conservative bias. For example, buy LOXITANE no prescription, the entry for Homosexuality offers this despicable stanza from Leviticus: "If there is a man who lies with a male... Australia, uk, us, usa, they shall surely be put to death. BUY LOXITANE NO PRESCRIPTION, Their bloodguiltiness is upon them." And the entry for Environmentalists identifies them as having hidden political agendas. Same Sex Marriage is said to be "counterfeit" via a quote from James Dobson of Focus on the Family. The entry for Pornography describes it as, after LOXITANE, "Images depicting... Order LOXITANE online overnight delivery no prescription, the sort of 'unnatural lust' which leads to damnation." (They say that like it's a bad thing). And Jesus Christ is unequivocally defined as the "Son of God," which seems to defy the aforementioned requirement that entries need to be "true and verifiable."

Critics complain that Conservapedia is dangerous, kjøpe LOXITANE på nett, köpa LOXITANE online. They say the site targets young people and gives them incorrect information about science, evolution and abortion, BUY LOXITANE NO PRESCRIPTION. They worry about the hostile attitude toward homosexuals and other marginalized groups. LOXITANE wiki, Not surprisingly, I don't object at all to this Conservapedia business. I have no doubt that Wikipedia is biased, LOXITANE use. Every encyclopedia since the dawn of encyclopedic knowledge has had a predilection of some sort. BUY LOXITANE NO PRESCRIPTION, The word encyclopedia, incidentally, comes from the Greek enkyklios paideia, which means "well-rounded education." However, if individual encyclopedias have biases, then it is the sum of all encyclopedic tomes that truly round out human education. LOXITANE without a prescription, This is why I have no problem with anyone who wants to espouse their ideology, especially when they feel that ideology is being suppressed. Oh sure, LOXITANE schedule, Conservapedia is a silly website maintained by morally superior, My LOXITANE experience, uptight, humorless dickwads and is fully deserving of our ridicule. It just doesn't deserve our contempt, online buying LOXITANE.

Conservapedia reminds us that everything we think we know is packaged and delivered by other humans who decided they were going to be an authority on whatever subject they claim to be an authority.

Conservapedia, as does Wikipedia, challenges the notion that only the elite get to decide what goes in the encyclopedia and how it's worded, BUY LOXITANE NO PRESCRIPTION. Canada, mexico, india, That's what's so great about the Wiki concept--oh sure, it's got flaws, but there's something beautiful and organic about it, LOXITANE price. Its truths represent our truths; its flaws represent our flaws. Purchase LOXITANE for sale, We are the Wiki.

So I have no problem with Wikipedia or Conservapedia or even CreationWiki (yes, it's real) except to say that none of these lexicons represent my agenda, LOXITANE class. BUY LOXITANE NO PRESCRIPTION, None of them exhibit a predisposition toward the sort of things I have a predisposition toward, which is why I have decided to start my own interactive encyclopedia. It, LOXITANE without prescription, too, will exhibit bias--a bias for boozers and stoners, a bias for druggies and floozies, fast shipping LOXITANE, for the godless and the depraved, What is LOXITANE, for the perverts and the chastity-challenged. A bias toward the kind of people who read this column--my people: the Sordids. It's called Sickopedia, where can i buy LOXITANE online. I've already started working on the entries. Here are some examples:

• Pornography: graphic images depicting the sort of "unnatural lust" which leads to utter bliss and a spiritual sense of oneness with the universe, BUY LOXITANE NO PRESCRIPTION. LOXITANE no prescription, Also, good way to practice spotting boob jobs.

• Prostitution: A totally normal and natural sexual business transaction between consenting adults--a real hit with conservative politicians and religious leaders (see Sen, buy cheap LOXITANE no rx. David Vitter and Jimmy Swaggart). Purchase LOXITANE, • Marijuana: Causes powerful psychotropic reactions in your brain that can relieve stress, stimulate creativity, upgrade bad television shows and, cheap LOXITANE, when used properly, Order LOXITANE no prescription, turn you into less of a morally superior, humorless, uptight dickwad, order LOXITANE from mexican pharmacy. BUY LOXITANE NO PRESCRIPTION, • Same-Sex Marriage: Something that's none of anyone's goddamn business.

• Narcotics: Best not to indulge more than two or three times a week. Buy LOXITANE from mexico, • God: An old man with a white beard who sits on a throne in the sky and watches over people and protec--urrgh, splurt, snerkle, LOXITANE cost, fizzpt--sorry, Order LOXITANE from United States pharmacy, I just discharged some vodka through my nose.

• Masturbation: Ritual of sexual self-gratification--best performed with pornographic images spread across the bed or computer screen. Damnation optional, LOXITANE steet value.

• Roman Catholic Church: A religious organization run by a bunch of nutcases who wear weird robes, engage in bizarre ceremonies (like cannibalizing the messiah), chant in spooky tongues and cover up or commit sex crimes against children, BUY LOXITANE NO PRESCRIPTION. Their bloodguiltiness is upon them. Rx free LOXITANE, • Polygamy: Fine, fine, whatever--just don't cover up or commit sex crimes against children, LOXITANE canada, mexico, india. Leave that for the folks over at

• Abortion: Best not to have more than two or three a year.

• Homosexuality: A totally normal and natural sexual proclivity that has been practiced for as long as mankind has roamed the earth--a real hit with conservative politicians and religious leaders (see Rep. Mark Foley, Senator Larry Craig and Rev. Ted Haggard).




  1. benny says:

    Conservative Majority- A myth invented in the early nineteen-nineties by Newt “The Baboon” Gingrich, to trick people into believing his political party actually had an original idea.

  2. benny says:

    here’s another:
    Republican Party- A failed political enterprise, consisting of mostly conservative white males, that will forever rely on the fact that Abraham Lincoln ran on their ticket.

  3. benny says:

    this is so much fun:
    Joseph Stalin: One mean motherfucker.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Dude, I feel for you bro. Your blog is totally not “sick”.

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