CLOMIPRAMINE FOR SALE, First, let’s get the disclaimer out of the way. Fred Phelps is, in fact, canada, mexico, india, a toadfucker. Buying CLOMIPRAMINE online over the counter, Ditto his family, his friends and all the assphibian followers of his Westboro Baptist Church, who deserve to be repeatedly dunked in the deepest, CLOMIPRAMINE long term, scaldingest lava pit in Hell if Hell actually existed. CLOMIPRAMINE wiki, You’ve heard of Phelps and his Westboro Baptist Church (WBC), right. This is the organization that despises homosexuality so much that the URL to its website is, CLOMIPRAMINE forum. They believe The Lord is punishing America because we “enable” homosexual behavior, CLOMIPRAMINE FOR SALE. They’ve made a name for themselves picketing the funerals of people like Coretta Scott King (a revolting effort), CLOMIPRAMINE pics, Mathew Shepard (sickening), the victims of the Sago mine disaster (sickening and silly), Mr, CLOMIPRAMINE pictures. Rogers (WTF?!), Order CLOMIPRAMINE from mexican pharmacy, Ronnie James Dio (well, that makes sense) and Marine Lance Cpl. Matthew Snyder—not because he was gay (he wasn’t), what is CLOMIPRAMINE, but because the WBC believes soldiers, CLOMIPRAMINE street price, by virtue of their enlistment, further enable America’s enabling of homosexuality, so God smite him, CLOMIPRAMINE gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release.

With picket signs like “U.S. CLOMIPRAMINE FOR SALE, Fag Army” and “Thank God for Dead Soldiers,” WBC has really proven itself to be out of its mother-lovin’ skull. Buy CLOMIPRAMINE no prescription, But get this: As gnat-shit crazy as Westboro Baptist Church is, it isn’t one iota more deranged than any other church—certainly not more so than the Roman Catholic Church, nor the United Methodists, CLOMIPRAMINE price, coupon, the Evangelical Lutherans, Purchase CLOMIPRAMINE online, the Mormons, Muslims, Buddhists, online buy CLOMIPRAMINE without a prescription, Hindus and the rest. CLOMIPRAMINE no rx, Just check the chatterdome—the TV talk shows, talk radio, Internet and all the other forums in which these WBC pickets are being discussed, my CLOMIPRAMINE experience. Observe how many religious-types are denouncing WBC, CLOMIPRAMINE from mexico, saying that the church isn’t representing the word of God, that picketing soldiers’ funerals is against The Lord’s wishes and that Jesus loves and forgives homosexuals—which is every bit as insane as the insanity Phelps is spewing. Because they’re all doing the same thing: They’re all acting as if they know what God wants or thinks, comprar en línea CLOMIPRAMINE, comprar CLOMIPRAMINE baratos. And you know what, CLOMIPRAMINE FOR SALE. It’s actually the Westboro Baptist Church, Real brand CLOMIPRAMINE online, and not the more mainstream churches, that has the better grasp on what God wants or thinks. A quick look at the Bible will prove it, no prescription CLOMIPRAMINE online.

“[B]ut the same day that Lot went out of Sodom, CLOMIPRAMINE overnight, it rained fire and brimstone from heaven, and destroyed them all. Even thus shall it be in the day when the Son of man is revealed.” Luke 17

You hear that, purchase CLOMIPRAMINE for sale, people. CLOMIPRAMINE FOR SALE, God murdered every living being in Sodom and Gomorrah (infants included) because some of them were wicked. CLOMIPRAMINE over the counter, And, he’s about to do it again—to us. Indeed, australia, uk, us, usa, The Lord Thy Father is every bit the barbarian Fred Phelps says he is. Order CLOMIPRAMINE online c.o.d, Check it out: God murdered Judah’s son for no stated reason. God murdered Lot’s wife for committing the terrible sin of looking back. God brought a seven-year famine to the entire planet, CLOMIPRAMINE FOR SALE. God recommends the death penalty for the owners of disobedient oxen, CLOMIPRAMINE cost. God sends babies to Hell who haven’t been baptized. CLOMIPRAMINE without prescription, God drowned everyone on the planet except Noah and his family. God killed Nick Drake, yet Celine Dion lives on, where to buy CLOMIPRAMINE. CLOMIPRAMINE FOR SALE, God will let a serially murdering, corpse-dismembering, cannibalistic monster into Heaven if he confesses on his deathbed, yet will send an African aboriginal to Hell for never having heard of Jesus. And, Buy cheap CLOMIPRAMINE, of course, all through the Bible are quotes from God in which he reveals a murderous hatred toward homosexuals. Clearly, CLOMIPRAMINE steet value, if there is a God, Order CLOMIPRAMINE online overnight delivery no prescription, and the Bible is his Word, then the Westboro Church is right about what it preaches.

The same is true of extremists in other religions, CLOMIPRAMINE photos, too. CLOMIPRAMINE dose, Muslim fundamentalist terrorists, for instance, have correctly interpreted the Koran as being hostile toward nonbelievers of the Muslim faith, after CLOMIPRAMINE. “Kill them wherever you find them,” it says, which, I would argue, means you’re not a good Muslim if you’re not running around killing infidels all the time, CLOMIPRAMINE FOR SALE. Ditto the Bible and Christians. Is CLOMIPRAMINE safe, Sure, there are plenty of quotes in the Bible about God being the loving Father and protector and all that, but they are rendered obsolete by all his rampaging and city-smiting, about CLOMIPRAMINE. Put another way, CLOMIPRAMINE australia, uk, us, usa, it doesn’t matter how many blind and crippled people you healed when you have even one apocalyptic plague on your record. Take the Plague of Death to Firstborn Sons, for instance, CLOMIPRAMINE images. CLOMIPRAMINE FOR SALE, “Every firstborn son in Egypt will die, from the firstborn son of Pharaoh, who sits on the throne, to the firstborn son of the slave girl, who is at her hand mill, and all the firstborn of the cattle as well.” Exodus 12:29

Wow. God really is an all-round sumbitch. Where can i find CLOMIPRAMINE online, He certainly isn’t very nice to bovines. And while he may condemn abortion, he apparently isn’t all that opposed to killing kids after they’re born. Anyway, the point is, all WBC is doing is parroting the Bible as it’s written. Naturally, I happen to think the Bible—as it’s written—is a pile of oxen shit, which is why I get to call the WBC an insane bunch of toadfuckers, while anyone who believes the Bible to be the true word of God, does not.



  1. Colleen says:

    Wow Ed! Remind me to not stand too close to you, for fear that I may become collateral damage when the lightening bolt strikes you!

  2. Lee Williams says:

    Ed, I wish Nick Drake were still alive and that titanic bitch be struck down by god’s wrath as well… and I would hug you even if I knew without a doubt that god was sending a deathblow sized lightning bolt with your name on it at that very second of our embrace… because, fuck it. Buddha doesn’t pull shit like that.

    I think it was the example of the African aboriginal never hearing the word of jesus, going to hell that made me see that christianity wasn’t my bag. seemed really cold. The guy never heard of your club, he has perfect credentials for membership… but you send him to hell because he’s never seen the 700 club. Lame. Any god that would destroy the twin party cities of sodom and gomorrah isn’t worth my life worshipping.

  3. Lee Williams says:

    here’s a sweet cartoon about the WBC, it makes the point that hell is most likely a much better place than heaven… because heaven is filled with people from the WBC. True, very true.

  4. stone says:

    if jesus was sitting in front of you right now you would be licking his nuts

  5. Lee Williams says:

    So can god kill another one of his kids and get the message back on track, I know… he only had one. That’s what made it special.

  6. Shirley Clukey says:

    p.s. But I loved the post.

  7. Dble T says:

    Couldn’t of said it better myself Ed. Well put!

  8. Tom C. says:

    what a turd

  9. Brian says:

    First I just want to say I enjoy your perspective and look forward to your articles in CityBeat every other week. This post reminded me of a Vanguard news segment, “Missionaries of Hate,” in which they discuss how after American evangelicals traveled to Uganda to give a seminar on “the disease of homosexuality” in 2009, a bill was introduced stating that homosexuals should be imprisoned for longer, since homosexuality is already illegal there, or put to death. These evangelicals included the one and only Rick Warren, the man who swore in Barack Obama and introduced his book, “the Purpose Driven Life”, as a foundation for the basis of this hate bill. Of course as soon as all of these so-called men of God came back from the East African nation they denounced the bill and its’ prime supporter saying they suggested rehabilitation instead of punishment. As if people need rehabilitation for being who they are, which is obviously not a hypocritical, homophobic, mental disease spreading lunatic like these preachers. Baseless hate is always an interesting fallacy to introduce to an over 90% christian population. Maybe someone should start a fundraiser to buy Phelps and the WBC one way tickets to Uganda? Cheers.

  10. ed esterlla says:

    jesus man… you hit that fucking ball right the hell out of the park. they may still be looking for it.

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