mexflag.jpg BUY PROSOM NO PRESCRIPTION, Probably by now you've heard of the U.S. Army veteran named Jim Broussard who recently cut down a couple of flags above a Reno bar because the bar owner (a Mexican-American) was flying a Mexican flag above the Stars and Stripes. What is PROSOM, When Broussard heard about this abomination, he marched down to the Cantina El Jaripeo and--with television cameras rolling--cut down both flags. He tossed the Mexican flag on the ground, get PROSOM, raised the U.S. PROSOM trusted pharmacy reviews, flag to the camera and blurted, "I'm Jim Broussard, and I took this flag down in honor of my country." Then he ranted for a few more moments and ended by saying that the bar owner would have to fight to get his flag back, order PROSOM from United States pharmacy.

Now, it is true that the flag code prohibits flying the U.S, BUY PROSOM NO PRESCRIPTION. flag below any other. PROSOM duration, Naturally, there has been much discussion about whether Broussard's actions were patriotic or criminal, but I think an even better question is, real brand PROSOM online, "Should flying another flag above the U.S. PROSOM pics, flag even be illegal in the first place?"

The United States Federal Flag Code was drafted by the American Legion in 1923 and adopted by Congress in 1942. The regulation that Cantina El Jaripeo violated was from Section 3(g), which states that flags of two or more nations "are to be flown from separate staffs of the same height."

Some states have penalties for breaking the flag code while others do not, PROSOM price. BUY PROSOM NO PRESCRIPTION, However, all states consider it as law. And that's the part that creeps me out. Where to buy PROSOM, The fact that it's a real true actual law is just a little too Heil Hitler for my liking. Not to mention how a lot of these laws are just plain silly, like Section 4(b), where can i cheapest PROSOM online, which states that the flag should never touch the ground (to which I ask, PROSOM interactions, what's wrong with ground. Ground is cool) and Section 2(b), which commands, PROSOM cost, "The flag should be hoisted briskly and lowered ceremoniously" (to which I ask, PROSOM from mexico, must there really be a law about which adverbs should describe my flag raising and lowering technique. Can't I raise it judiciously and lower it lovingly, BUY PROSOM NO PRESCRIPTION. What about wildly and affectionately. If I raise it kookily and lower it drunkenly, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, will the flag police take me away. Online buying PROSOM hcl, How about frantically and passionately. Fearlessly and dramatically. BUY PROSOM NO PRESCRIPTION, What gives?).

Then there's the first line from Section 4, is PROSOM safe, which requires that the flag be shown respect at all times. PROSOM without prescription, Oh, man. There should never be laws that require you to respect something or someone, PROSOM forum. Respect is earned, Buying PROSOM online over the counter, not legislated. You want to know how to ensure that people respect the flag, BUY PROSOM NO PRESCRIPTION. By making it safe and legal not to; by having enough faith and confidence in your country to let people treat the flag however they like--let them burn it, tear it, PROSOM description, wear it, Buy cheap PROSOM, trample it, eat it, bury it, PROSOM schedule, smoke it, Where can i buy cheapest PROSOM online, suck it and shit on it if they want. Allow them to do these things to the flag and, by and large, where can i find PROSOM online, they will not. Doses PROSOM work, Don't get me wrong, I believe the flag code should be observed by government agencies--at schools, post offices, purchase PROSOM online, firehouses and the like. PROSOM alternatives, And the code is great for military-types and regular Joes who want to respect the flag properly. BUY PROSOM NO PRESCRIPTION, It just should never be a crime not to, especially when it comes to dissent. If you don't want people to burn down the actual U.S.A., then you damn well better let them burn up the symbol of it, PROSOM photos. So they can have an outlet to say, PROSOM canada, mexico, india, "Hey, there's something I don't like about America!" Then, when you come across a person who is disrespecting the flag in some manner, generic PROSOM, whether by burning, Rx free PROSOM, inverting or--gasp!--flying another flag above your precious flag, you can just say to yourself, Hmm, cheap PROSOM no rx. Must be something he doesn't like about America, PROSOM recreational, and then continue walking along your merry way because, in the end, a person should be able to not like something about America if they want, is PROSOM addictive, and they should be permitted to say so. Buy PROSOM online no prescription, It's called speech and it's supposed to be relatively free.

Not that I think the cantina owner intended to disrespect Old Glory, BUY PROSOM NO PRESCRIPTION. It seems obvious that the man was displaying his affection for both countries but, since he's from Mexico and probably loves Mexico most, where can i order PROSOM without prescription, he flew the Mexican flag on top. Online buy PROSOM without a prescription, That's cool. I get that. It should be perfectly acceptable for somebody to love their birth country more than the one they live in and, PROSOM reviews, again, My PROSOM experience, it should be perfectly OK to say so. BUY PROSOM NO PRESCRIPTION, But Jim Broussard the bully doofus decided he was going to steal the bar's flag and vandalize the other, which is just unbelievably fucked. Even if he did have a legitimate beef with the bar owner, tossing the Mexican flag on the ground like a piece of trash was an affront to all Mexicans: The ones in Mexico and the ones right here--the ones who obey the law, kjøpe PROSOM på nett, köpa PROSOM online, who pay taxes, who serve in the military. The ones who fly our colors respectfully. The ones who are just regular upstanding American citizens who would never in a million years storm onto your property, steal your shit and taunt you into a fistfight like a playground terrorist.


Hey, Jimbo, if you want to ensure that every Mexican-American in Reno starts disrespecting Old Glory, just keep treating them the way you've been treating them.


During an interview with Neil Cavuto of Fox News, Broussard gave this as the reason for his actions: "It is important to me, above all, that our country remember to be patriotic."

Above all. Patriotism. Really. That's the most important thing. BUY PROSOM NO PRESCRIPTION, Hmmm, what about, oh, I don't know, reducing crime. Fighting bigotry. What about protecting the environment. How about solving some real true actual problems like the shrinking of the middle class or the collapse of the dollar. What about Britney's kids. Oh, Lord God in Heaven, who shall look over them?, BUY PROSOM NO PRESCRIPTION. What about working on all the shit that's wrong in this country to give us something to be patriotic about.

Patriotism? Pffft. Just like symbols, patriotism is empty calories. Devotion to your country is not nearly as important as helping your country become something worth your devotion. No matter how hard you try, no matter how many laws you enact, no matter how many vigilante patriots you enlist, you can't make people love the flag if they don't love the country, and fatheads like Jim Broussard are making this country increasingly difficult to love.

Ed Decker
American Flag Hall of Shame
Mike Gallagher interviews Broussard.

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  1. Chris says:

    Your crap has popped up on my google alerts a couple of times now. I’ve wasted at least 20 minutes of my life reading your opinionated spewings that I’ll never get back. But this article, I just do not understand your point of view at all. Respect to the flag was deemed a law because of what the flag represents. The US flag represents all those that founded this country and defended it. People actually fought and died for your right to free speech. I’m sure if they would have known morons like you would take that right and use it like you have, they would have worded it “freedom of intelligent speech”. You obviously have no respect for the flag or what it means, which means you have no respect for this country or its founding principles. Tell a wife whose husband was killed in war that the flag that was draped over his casket can be defaced like you spoke of.
    Luckily there is an easy solution to your problem. GO SOMEWHERE ELSE. American Airlines is ready when you are. Pick another country. The US apparently isn’t right for you.
    I hope you pick a country that would cut your hands off, or remove your tongue for the things you say against it. I’m sure most other countries would not be so lenient on its laws to let you abuse your rights as you do here.
    If you plan to stay, become a good citizen and do something that HELPS the country, or at least your community. Stop being a crybaby, join the armed forces and maybe then you can learn to respect your country and what it provides for you. If this is too much for you to absorb, and you want to continue to burn flags, kill bald eagles, and insult those that formed your country, then I hope you seriously consider another job, the majority of Americans aren’t going to want to hear this type of nonsense for long. Become a garbage man, you would be more at home there.

  2. Aaryn Belfer says:

    Brilliant. You killed it. It was tight and targeted. Can you hear me applauding from over here???
    And I almost spit coffee from my nose as I pictured you raising and lowering the flag in all different states of frenzy.

  3. Edwin Decker Sr. (Dad) says:

    “…tossing the Mexican flag on the ground like a piece of trash was an affront to all Mexicans”
    Ed Decker
    How interesting! If tossing the Mexican flag on the ground is an affront to ALL Mexicans, is not the disrespect, burning , etc, of the American flag an affront to ALL Americans?
    It appears that you might have a double standard.
    Dad Decker

  4. Ed Decker jr. says:

    No no no Dearest Father, I believe the double standard is the other way around.
    I am not suggesting that burning/trashing a Mexican flag (if it belongs to you) should be illegal.
    I’m just saying, for a guy who wants people to respect his country’s flag, he sure doesn’t care too much about other people’s country’s flags. As I said in the column, even if he had a beef with the one Mexican who disrespected the American flag, when Broussard tossed the Mexican flag on the ground it was an affront to all Mexicans — even the ones he has no beef with.
    And yes, whether you treat Mexican flags poorly or American flags poorly or even the People’s Republic of Liberia’s flags poorly, it can be viewed as an insult to those people, but insulting people should never be a crime. If it were, you and I and Mom would all be in jail!
    Hope you don’t mind if I post your comments on my webpage.
    Your Son

  5. Rob says:

    I wonder if anyone told the bar owner he was flying the flag incorrectly? Or did Broussard just go in with his scissors blazing? I wouldn’t be surprised if the bar owner would have corrected the situation before it escalated had he known.
    I think it’s important for a Flag Code, otherwise people would just start using the flag on soda cans, credit cards, t-shirts, and bikinis… oh wait a second. We better give Brouussard a call, the flag is being treated a lot worse than he thinks.

  6. Tom M. says:

    What’s up you treasonous commie pinko son of a whore!
    Just read your article in that bullshit indie rag City Beat while I was taking a shit and I wanted to drop you a line. As much as I have disagreed with most of what you have said in the past, I also think I should let you know when I agree with you. Good article on flag burning. As disgusting and godless as that action may be, I do agree that our freedoms should not be restricted to prevent it. It is a hearts and minds issue, and hearts and minds cannot be legislated ( see Equal Rights Amendment, Brown v. Board of Education, etc.) And how hypocritical to throw the Mexican flag on the ground. You would think that he would realize that the patriotic hubris he harbors may also exist in our friendly neighbors to the south. Can you imagine his reaction if someone cut down Old Glory in TJ? Stupid bastard would probably have a coronary on the spot. What an ass. Anyways, hit me back if you want. See ya around, kid.

  7. Dominic says:

    Kudos on your Stars & Gripes article.
    Excellent observation on the particular adverbs that describe the raising and lowering of the flag. For language is in fact the one tool that we have to understand and interpret our world. Many politicians know this too well as they easily name opponents “terrorists”and in doing so automatically demonify them. Anyways, great article.
    Thanks for all your work and POV.
    P.S. Now that KLSD AM 1360 is going down City Beat will only be that much more important!
    Dominic Carr O.B., San Diego

  8. Rob G. says:

    Wow…that Chris dude must have voted for the Idiot. Yes…the idiot with a capital I who resides in the capitol D.C. I guess you don’t understand the meaning of the flag Chris. The Constitution guarantees the citizens of this great nation Freedom of Speech. The flag is representative of all of the liberties that the Constitution guarantees us (including free speech). So if I want to burn the flag and exercise my right to speak freely, then the flag actually affords me this right. Get it now Chris? Probably not…I know I used a lot of multi-syllable words like “Constitution” and “understand.” But maybe one day somebody will write a book called “Common Sense for Dummies” and you’ll get a clue. Cheers!

  9. Frank says:

    Great article. My only beef:
    “It’s called speech and it’s supposed to be relatively free.”
    No, it is called speech and it is supposed to BE FREE. Not relatively, somewhat or even mostly. Free. Incremental surrender is still surrender. Let reasonable minds rationalize controlling voices, but not journalists, thanks.
    I disagree with time, manner and place restrictions. I disagree with defining speech in limited ways. I disagree with any limit on speech or acts as speech because I simply like to talk in whatever manner I like, whenever I like, wherever I like.
    So should you, Decker.
    Otherwise, I love your work… mostly…

  10. Jim Ballew says:

    The one thing about the whole flag desecration/burning/not-appreciating-enough thing that people always want to stand behind, but don’t fully grasp, is the idea that it is a symbol. The flag is not freedom or independence or tyranny or any of those things Americans attribute to it. It is a flag. There is no physical connection between that piece of fabric and the things people think it stands for, and furthermore, it does not stand for the same things for all people.
    The idea that a person (or the government, for that matter) tries to project their idea of what this starry-striped piece of fabric should stand for on to others is absurd. Meanings for symbols and words evolve over time, and if somebody thinks that Mexico is better than America and flies one flag higher than the other, taking that Mexican flag down is not going to change the way they feel. If anything, it’s only going to solidify their feelings and move the American flag further down the pole, if there is a place left for it at all.
    Bottom line, if people are going to appreciate a symbol, they have to appreciate what it symbolizes as well. And what it symbolizes is totally subjective — not something that can be forced by random acts of flagpole climbing.

  11. ed decker says:

    uh-huh-huh-uh… Jim said pole
    Ed Decker

  12. Bill says:

    Ed, you ignorent slut! To fly the mexican Flag above the U.S. Flag is an affront ot every Veteran that ever wnet to a far off battlefield, defending American Values/Ideals. Jim Broussard is a Veteran and took o0ffence. Did he break the law? Sure he did. Did the Restaurant owner break the law? Again, absolutly. Two worngs don’s make a right but I don’t see you calling for the restaurant owner to be cited or prosecuted. In the past, I have read your comments and one reoccuring comment (regarding current laws on the books) is, “If you don’t like the law, work to change the law.” In California, we are likely to find writers with opinions similar to yours. Prosecute that bastard Jim Broussard, for theft, property damage, etc. In Alabama, Tennessee or New York, for that matter, scuh opinions would likely result in Advertisers canceling contracts with parent publications. Does that make your opinion anyless valid. Not in the least. let’s face it, if you were truly a deep think political commentator, you would be writing for the LA Times or the San Francisco Chronical. As it is, you are just another leftwing liberal commenting in a small weekly. The U.S. Flag is a symbol. It is a shining beacon to millions around the world. it is a symbol worthy of respect and the laws that outline what that respect is. Following your logic, a judge in a Bible belt state should be able to have a cross displayed in his/her chambers. But, I venture to say that you would be first in line to say that the cross needed to come down. OR, how would you feel if a german Restaurant decided to display a Swastika? Before you answer, research the Swastika. The Swastika started out as a symbol of faith smd hopr before the Nazi’s bastardized it into a symbol of hate and oppression. As a veteran, I can honestly say that I find it horrible that anyone woudl abuse, debase or disrespect the flag. However, some 27 years ago, I swore to support and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. Enemies can include those that willingly violate Federal law. In reality, it means I would support someones right to burn the flag, even though I disagree.
    Paunchy Old White guy.

  13. Roberto says:

    Bill…what you just spewed out makes no sense. You don’t have any consistency and you sound like a moron. I suggest you enroll in a critical thinking class at the local community college. SDSU might be too difficult for you to get accepted at.

  14. gdghirardi says:
    Click on the American Flag on San Diego Fire Info Site – If you believe in divine justice or any other kind it is hard not to look behind the curtain of San Diego’s multi-billion dollar defense industries and not see some karmic justice being laid out in the rich areas of destruction in the path of the super-fire now trashing Rancho Santa Fe, Poway, Rancho Bernardo and environs. The beneficiaries of this “lifestyle” of cultural amnesia is now being paid for by mother nature or ever is responsible.
    The concept of justice is found in the Greek goddess of Libra:… and is based on a realization of the cycle of life saves no one from the eventuality of being handed back what they dish out. Goddess of justice, Libra balances the scales for Afghanis and Iraqis, well not nearly

  15. ed decker says:

    Jesus H. Christ Bill, your letter reads like a an unanchored buoy — your just drifting all over the place. And you analogies need to get off the crack cocaine. “Following your logic, a judge in a Bible belt state should be able to have a cross displayed in his/her chambers.”
    That’s not following my logic at all. My logic is flying to South America and yours is driving to Disneyland. Not only is your logic not following my logic, they’re on totally different elevations.
    Your point that you don’t see me, ” calling for the restaurant owner to be cited or prosecuted,” proves that you have either A. Lost your ability to reason or B. not read the article you are commenting on.
    Of course I’m not calling for the restaurant owner to be prosecuted — the whole column was about NOT prosecuting offenders of the flag code, that the flag code shouldn’t be a law in the first place.
    I didn’t even call for Broussard’s prosecution, which I should have since what he did was vandalize and steal somebody’s private property — which should be illegal, and should be prosecuted.
    Lastly, if a German restaurant wanted to display a swastika I would do nothing to try to stop them. I believe in their right to display it – even if there was no historically benign meaning behind it, even if it always only was one of the most potent symbols of hate and evil the world has ever seen, I would still defend the right of the restaurant to display it.
    As for GD Ghirdi, Jesus H. Christ girl. (Did you know Jesus’s middle name was Hornblower?) What the hell are you talking about? If karma worked, there wouldn’t be all these other normal, regular, bad-karma-free people who have been flushed out of their homes suffering right now. The fires are not put here by Libra, or God, or Satan, or Karma to punish or reward anybody for anything. Fire has no brain and does not distinguish between who or what it immolates. Jesus H! You should hang out with Bill. You both could spend hours and hours making no sense with each other.
    ed decker

  16. Dakota Starr says:

    The main issue is that we have too many people in this nation who don’t care for the flag…one of them being Barack Obama!! I am a firm believer in patriotism and loving ones country, and I think that any one who disrespects the flag code should be arrsted. A sign of disrespect to our flag is worst then spitting on the president himself. the flag means freedom, democracy, the the rights that the rest of the world only wish they could have!

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