I just got off the phone CLOMID FOR SALE, with Ralph Collier of the International Shark Committee and am utterly blown away. My knees are weak. My brain is in a haze. And now I'm looking at the blank screen that will become this column thinking, Where on Earth do I begin, effects of CLOMID.

In 1994, a "friend" of mine was killed by a "shark" in the waters off Ocean Beach, San Diego. I put quotes around the word "friend" because Michelle von Emster wasn't a friend-friend, nor was she a girlfriend, CLOMID FOR SALE. CLOMID coupon, She was a young woman whom I fancied for several months, whom I eventually asked out on a date and who accepted.

We went out to Winston's, a bar in Ocean Beach, watched bands and drank liquor, CLOMID pharmacy. At about midnight, we left Winston's, bought some beer and cigarettes, Get CLOMID, returned to my pad and sat on the couch, where we talked and flirted all night. At one point, she let me take off her shirt so I could see the large butterfly tattoo on her right shoulder blade, after which we kissed and fondled each other until well past dawn, what is CLOMID. CLOMID FOR SALE, I was crazy about Michelle and was looking forward to seeing her again, and again, and again. But late the next night, Michelle went skinny-dipping off Sunset Cliffs and was attacked and killed by a "shark."

I put the word "shark" in quotes because now (thanks in part to phone my conversation with Collier) I don't believe that's what killed her.

Here's your backstory:

Remember the shark attack in Solana Beach (just north of San Diego) in April, CLOMID pictures, 2008, when Dr. David Martin was killed by a great white. Well, that incident put Michelle's name back in the news, CLOMID brand name, having been one of only three people killed by a shark in the San Diego area, Dr. Martin being the third, CLOMID FOR SALE.

However, Real brand CLOMID online, I noticed something peculiar about the reporting. Not every news outlet cited the same statistic. In fact, some of the reports listed Dr. Martin's death as only the second shark fatality in the area, order CLOMID online c.o.d, such as ABC News, which reported that "the last fatal shark attack in Southern California was in 1959." And reported the same thing. CLOMID FOR SALE, Even the Union-Tribune (North County edition) reported back in April, "The only fatal shark attack in San Diego County listed by the International Shark Attack File... is the 1959 death of Robert Pamperin at Alligator Head in La Jolla."

I was very confused. CLOMID trusted pharmacy reviews, Michelle was killed by a shark in 1994. The police said it, the media said it and the county Medical Examiner confirmed it. So why was Michelle being ignored by so many news organizations.

Rush to judgment

At the time of Michelle's death, journalist Neal Matthews wrote a controversial story, published in Boating magazine, called "Who Killed Michelle von Emster?" In the article, he chronicled the reasons why it may not have been a shark that killed Michelle and that there may have been a rush to judgment by the police (who passed the case off to the coroner without batting an eye), the coroner (who neither performed a sexual-assault examination nor took her liver temperature to determine an accurate time of death) and the media (which didn't do it's job as professional skeptics), CLOMID FOR SALE.

It was Matthews who told me that the reason for the conflicting stats is because the International Shark File (ISAF)--the world's leading authority of all known shark attacks--did not list Michelle as a confirmed shark fatality based on a lack of evidence, CLOMID gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release.

So why the rush to judgment when the shark experts said otherwise.

The manner in which I learned Michelle had been killed by a "shark" was brutal. It was three days after our dream date, CLOMID canada, mexico, india, and I was watching television. CLOMID FOR SALE, I was depressed because she had not called, assuming she was not as impressed by me as I thought she was.

I remember sitting on the couch, sullen, watching a local news channel, when a live, CLOMID use, on-the-scene report came on about a dead woman who'd just been pulled from the water. They didn't know who she was yet, but the field reporter mentioned an identifying mark on her right shoulder blade. CLOMID images, It was half of a large butterfly tattoo, apparently just the wing. The rest of the butterfly, it was surmised, was bitten off by a shark, CLOMID no prescription.

It can't be her,


I don't remember much else about that day, except that, from the first utterance of the word "shark, Order CLOMID from mexican pharmacy, " the snowball started rolling down the mountain, increasing in size, momentum and ferocity. The verdict was in long before the autopsy. The harbor police said "shark, where can i cheapest CLOMID online," the lifeguards said "shark," the coroner said "shark," the media said "shark, Fast shipping CLOMID, " most of the public said "shark"--so I believed shark. But the shark experts, unbeknownst to me, all said, "Um, CLOMID price, no people, probably not shark."

A plea for due diligence

Shortly after he contacted me last June, I met Matthews for coffee. CLOMID FOR SALE, It was a productive meeting; we decided that there's enough evidence to justify a request to reopen the case. Buy CLOMID without prescription, We knew it was a long shot, but we concluded that it was one worth taking, especially since a new chief medical examiner had taken office. His name is Dr. Glenn N, cheap CLOMID. Wagner, and we sent him a formal request, by post:

"Dear Dr. Wagner, We are writing to ask you to take another look at the accidental death finding in the case of Michelle von Emster..., CLOMID FOR SALE. CLOMID photos, We are writers with special interests in the von Emster case. One of us dated Michelle briefly before her death, and the other investigated the case for a story published in Boating magazine in 1994. We believe Dr. Brian Blackbourne's [the previous coroner] conclusions may have been biased because others in the community rushed to judgment about this being a white shark attack, CLOMID for sale. CLOMID FOR SALE, Sincerely,
Neal Matthews
Edwin Decker"

Dr. Wagner responded by post about a week later. The gist was that there did seem to be some questionable evidence, or lack of, Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, but not enough to amend her death certificate, and he closed his letter by saying that "any case can and will be reopened if additional validated information surfaces."

So what of this questionable or missing evidence. Before we begin, it should be noted that smaller, blue sharks did feed on Michelle's body post-mortem, CLOMID steet value. It's whether she was killed by a shark that Matthews and I question.

Here's why:

1, CLOMID FOR SALE. The Severed Leg Problem: Michelle's leg was cut clean off--not particularly splintered or sheared, as you would expect in a great white attack. CLOMID description, In Matthew's 1994 story, George Burgess of the ISAF says he never saw a cut like that in a shark attack. Furthermore, large sharks leave distinctive tooth scrapes and bite marks on bone, yet the leg stump had no such markings, CLOMID over the counter.

2. Blunt Force Injuries:
CLOMID FOR SALE, Michelle's autopsy revealed that she had a broken pelvis, broken neck and bruised and broken ribs. The coroner said this probably happened when the shark took Michelle's body down to the bottom and collided with the ocean floor. Only problem is, Herbal CLOMID, every shark expert I, and Matthews, spoke with has said they never saw a case where this has happened. White sharks are known to bite and back off. Even Wagner, after CLOMID, the current coroner, in his response to our June 7 letter, said that these injuries were "atypical for shark injuries."

3. Clothes Never Found: Michelle's body was discovered nude; her clothes were never found, CLOMID FOR SALE. Where to buy CLOMID, So where did her clothes go.

4. Conspicuous Purse: Michelle's purse was found the next day by the seawall, out in the open, its contents--$27, rx free CLOMID, cigarettes, driver's license and makeup--seemingly undisturbed. Question: If you're going to go skinny-dipping late at night, Online CLOMID without a prescription, would you leave your purse in such a conspicuous location. CLOMID FOR SALE, And wouldn't you keep your clothes and your purse together, in one spot.

5. Conditions:
It was a midnight swim, in April, when the water was still quite cold--60 degrees, buy CLOMID from canada, to be exact, which is not a pleasant swimming temperature, especially without a wetsuit, CLOMID schedule, which she owned and kept in her apartment a few blocks away but, for some reason, did not use.

6. Improbability: In 1994, CLOMID without a prescription, not counting Michelle, there had been only one shark attack in San Diego, and that was nearly 40 years prior. The sheer improbability of it should've been enough to make investigators thoroughly scrutinize her case, CLOMID FOR SALE. Buy CLOMID no prescription, At the very least, they should've questioned me. I was one of the last people to see her. And, I went on a date with her, buy CLOMID without a prescription. Everybody knows that when you have a suspicious death, you look at the romantic interests: the husband, the boyfriend or, Buy CLOMID from mexico, in this case, the suitors. CLOMID FOR SALE, It just seemed like nobody wanted to be bothered, that the snowball had already rolled down the hill, and the snowball said "Shark."

Enter Ralph Collier

Collier, president and founder of the Shark Research Committee (SRC), is a consultant to all medical examiners along the Pacific Coast of North America. He has published more articles on great white shark attacks than any other ichthyologist in the world. He wrote a book called Shark Attacks of the Twentieth Century, which details every shark bite on the Pacific Coast, online buy CLOMID without a prescription. Collier reviewed Michelle's case in 1994 and re-reviewed it in 2003. Today, Monday, Cheap CLOMID no rx, July 7, 2008, I spoke with him on the phone.

Collier offered many scenarios, CLOMID FOR SALE. He said the blunt force trauma could've happened from a fall off the cliffs. He said her leg could have been cut off by a passing motorboat's propeller. He said she could've run into some bad people who did something terrible to her and dumped her in the water. He said there were a thousand possibilities as to what might have happened to Michelle--except being killed by a shark. CLOMID FOR SALE, "Michelle von Emster," he said, "was unequivocally not killed by a shark."

He also said I was wasting my time trying to get the case reopened, that there's nothing anyone can do, unless a witness comes forward, which brings me to the reason for this column.

After our conversation, I couldn't get the "what if" scenario out of my mind. What if somebody hurt her. What if her killer is still out there. What if there is somebody reading this right now who knows something. I know it's probably futile, but maybe that person is ready to come forward with some information that might provoke the coroner to reopen this case. So, are you out there. Come out, come out wherever you are.

Ed Decker

Here is the original article about my date with Michelle
Here is the letter from the coroner
Here is Neal Matthew's article Who Killed Michelle Von Emster2.doc (open with Word)


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8 Responses to “CLOMID FOR SALE”

  1. Pancho says:

    Hi Ed,
    I remember around that time there was a hardcore biker dude hanging out Cheswick’s in O.B. telling anyone that would listen that Michelle wasn’t killed by a shark. I don’t recall if he ever gave a reason on why he thought that, but he was adamant. I hope you can solve this mystery.

  2. Carl says:

    Sorry for your loss in the case of Michelle. I hope that the column helps. I’ve enjoyed your columns for years. I think that you have a good heart – you have some bad social habits (too much drink, drugs,etc.) but a good heart.

  3. Danielle LoPresti says:

    What a powerful column. ThankYou for doing it. High praise for the curiosity, energy, and resourcefulness it took to come to all of this. Higher praise for caring about the apparent serious injustice of it all. Looking at her picture, I can’t help but feel so sad….and so much Desire that someone Will come forward with the information her story deserves.
    …and by the way, how could Pancho possibly know if you’ve got some ‘bad social habits’? At least he knows a good soul when he reads one.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Dani, thanks for the words of kindness.
    To answer your question, Pancho probably knows from reading my column over the years. I pretty much put it all out there.
    ed decker

  5. Gayle says:

    Ed, keep us updated.
    It’s unconscionable there wasn’t proper investigation into your date’s death (stunning revelation–and that HarryDog dude comment was idiotic). It haunts me that they didn’t examine for sexual assault: that should have been automatic, finding a naked woman in cold water. If there’s a rapist homicidal freak floating in our midst, I’d want that person yanked out of our community.
    Geez, it’s also hard not to imagine her hanging out with a friend on the cliffs, getting tipsy and falling, quite accidentally; and someone out there is living with this horrific experience.
    What was the air temperature that evening, to account for minimal clothes (ocean turbulence could account for them missing–I’ve certainly lost my bikini a few times, and once a big wave unzipped my husband’s wetsuit, filled it, and pinned him onto the ocean floor for a few breaths) or no clothes? If it was as chilly outside as the water, it leads one to more sinister or sad thoughts.
    And what about her parents? Her family? Close friends? Why would a man just short of boyfriend status be the one pushing for the truth (however noble and urgent and understandable your quest)?
    A thought-provoking article. I hope you find some answers. As a woman who hung out in OB in the early 90s, I appreciate your taking this on.

  6. bill says:

    If you want more confirmation about the nature of her death, perhaps you could contact Skip Sperber who examined her at the time in 1994. His conculsion was that she was the victim of a shark attack and had some very large incisions in some of her musle tissue.

  7. thinkertinker says:

    Saw the coroner’s photos in a forensics class. Sure looked like shark bites to me. Yes, the leg is gone neatly but consistent if it grabbed her in a lateral bite.

    As I recall, there is also a torso or upper thigh wound with an elliptical edge, which would be consistent with the curvature of the shark’s mouth. Did not look like propeller cuts at all. Feels like the original conclusion was correct. Did not know the vic’s ID at all, but remembered the case–and the photos–very well.

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