PROZAC FOR SALE, When Rick Warren read his prayer at President Obama's inauguration, the hairs on the necks of several million gay people stood erect. After all, What is PROZAC, it was Warren who equated homosexuality with polygamy and pedophilia.

Conservatives tend to agree with Warren, such as Mike Huckabee, generic PROZAC, who forecast that allowing gay marriage would lead to matrimony between "man and animal, Where can i find PROZAC online, " and James Dobson, who openly worried that gay nuptials could lead to "marriage between a father and a daughter."

The list goes on -- the Hannitys, the Robertsons, PROZAC use, the Santorums -- all of them citing some or all of the Big Four conjugal taboos: polygamy, Buy cheap PROZAC, pedophilia, bestiality and incest, or, where can i buy cheapest PROZAC online, for lack of a better word, Where can i order PROZAC without prescription, polypedobestincestialism (pronounced "polly-peddo-best-incest-a-lism).

First of all, let's set the record straight: For all their 12th-century, buy PROZAC no prescription, homophobic viewpoints, Is PROZAC addictive, Warren and friends are not equating homosexuality with polypedobestinsexuality. They are simply employing a slippery-slope argument. For instance, if you were to say that marijuana could lead to heroin, you are not saying that marijuana is as a bad as heroin, only that it could lead to it, PROZAC FOR SALE. Warren and friends are absolutely correct: If we allow gays to hitch, PROZAC street price, what's to keep the bigamincestamists of the land from arguing for their marital rights as well. After PROZAC, If you open the door for one group, why shouldn't it stay open for the rest. In this way, order PROZAC online c.o.d, I find myself in agreement with medieval homophobes. PROZAC schedule, Where we disagree is that, instead of locking gay marriage out, I believe we should let every other marriage in -- pedophilic wedlock excepted, online PROZAC without a prescription, of course, Buy PROZAC without prescription, because children cannot consent to sex with adults, but as for the rest--whatever tickles your testicles, is what I say, PROZAC images.

Let's examine individually:

Bigamy / polygamy: PROZAC FOR SALE, This is a no-brainer. Yes, PROZAC photos, duh, of course, we should incarcerate that fundamentalist, ordering PROZAC online, compound cultist scumbag who collects 14-year old slave-brides and forces them to spend the remainder of their childhoods lying beneath his saggy, My PROZAC experience, hairy, middle-aged abdomen as he statutorily rapes the souls right out of them night after night. In my perfect world, PROZAC interactions, that guy would spend the rest of his life in Leavenworth as the seventh wife and cellmate of Krusher, Get PROZAC, the 400-pound, serial-killing, cross-dressing Wizard of the Aryan Nation, PROZAC pics. As for the rest of the consenting-adult, Online buy PROZAC without a prescription, polygamist population, whatever bubbles your hot tub, folks, buying PROZAC online over the counter.

Bestiality: If some guy wants to put a ring on his cocker spaniel's paw, PROZAC without a prescription, what's the problem. For all we know, the guy has been screwed over by human women all his life, PROZAC FOR SALE. Maybe dogs are the only people with whom he can relate. Maybe that cocker spaniel is exactly who he wants to visit him in the hospital should he ever get beat down by a roving gang of zoo-bashers, rx free PROZAC. I know many have argued that animals do not have the capacity to consent to inter-species intimacy. PROZAC blogs, I have to laugh at that. PROZAC FOR SALE, Coming from a society that has the flesh of a trillion slaughtered farm animals wedged in the crannies of its collective teeth, your outrage over the occasional shotgun dog marriage underwhelms me.

Besides, these creatures can consent to manimal sex, PROZAC long term. Has your cat ever rubbed its ass in your face while purring suggestively. PROZAC no prescription, Ever been leg-humped by a dog before. Me. I've been leg-humped more times than any person I know, PROZAC FOR SALE. I may not be all that attractive to humans, PROZAC pictures, but in the LGBT community (Labradors, Purchase PROZAC online, Greyhounds, Beagles and Terriers) I'm considered to be one hot bitch.

Incest: Not every incestuous relationship is of a pedophilic nature, PROZAC mg. Sometimes they are actual consenting adults who, PROZAC from canadian pharmacy, for some reason, have fallen in love. Whatever, real brand PROZAC online. PROZAC FOR SALE, It's not my business. I know most people think this is a bizarre position to hold. PROZAC duration, Sorry, but I just do not care. I don't care, PROZAC samples, I don't care, Australia, uk, us, usa, I don't care -- I do not fucking care how perverse is anyone's sex life. I do not care how many people think incest is too revolting or aberrant to allow those who engage in that behavior the same rights as the rest. That's what they said about homosexuality 20 years ago, PROZAC FOR SALE. I'm glad I didn't listen to them, buy generic PROZAC, either. PROZAC results, These people, these "degenerates," they didn't choose to be who they are, PROZAC from mexico. I hate to regurgitate a cliché, but, there but for the grace of God, right. So, why do we always try to govern whom other people are allowed to love. PROZAC FOR SALE, Is it fear. Do we believe there will be a sudden international wave of brother-sister couplings. Are we concerned that everyone will go running out to acquire multiple spouses. Has everyone forgotten how hard it is to have even one spouse!.

All the aforementioned perversities are subscribed to by a tiny minority of the population. The rest of us are too repulsed to even think of going there, PROZAC FOR SALE. That's the reason for the international recoil. That is also the reason why they represent no danger to us. There is no possibility of propagating a man-dog race. The gene pool will be just fine. Conventional marriage is not threatened by any of these unions.

The only thing that will change in America -- if we had the heart and the balls to sanction bestincestolygamy -- is that a few thousand people may legally pursue their own peculiar brand of joy, and we will move one step closer to being the sort of people who actually mean it when we say that everyone, not just the so-called "normals," may have a right to life, liberty and the pursuit of sexy funky donkey love, er, I mean happiness.

Ed Decker
Circa November, 2008

Originally published in San Diego CityBeat.

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2 Responses to “PROZAC FOR SALE”

  1. lateraleye says:

    I believe it was the comedian Doug Stanhope who made the point that you don’t have to put a ring on a sheep to fuck it, so the argument that gay marriage will lead to man/animal marriages is moot. Also I think people are disturbed by “bestincestolygamy” because they are afraid that if someone else can enjoy it, there might be the capacity within themselves to enjoy it as well. I think this is also the reason why some people are so bothered by homosexuality. I agree with you though, I could care less what other people get off on, so long as I don’t have to watch/participate. It’s too bad more people don’t share the same opinion.

  2. David says:

    The fear is that people will find more ways to get tax breaks I think… that’s why the government is against it

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