BUY HYTRIN NO PRESCRIPTION, I suppose you have heard about the speech Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez gave at the United Nations last week. How could you not. About HYTRIN, It infuriated just about everybody in the country.

Mr. Chavez called President Bush, order HYTRIN no prescription, "The Devil."

He was addressing the U.N. assembly the day after Bush had spoken and said, "Yesterday, ladies and gentlemen, from this rostrum, the President of the United States came here, BUY HYTRIN NO PRESCRIPTION. Where can i find HYTRIN online, . . Right here, HYTRIN canada, mexico, india. The Devil came here. BUY HYTRIN NO PRESCRIPTION, And it smells of sulfur today."
My first thought when I heard that was that George Bush had planted one of his notorious, time-released, sulfurized fart bombs for Chavez's benefit - an inelegant act of terrorism ever there was one. HYTRIN schedule, My second thought was, uh-oh. Republicans aren't going to like that, purchase HYTRIN online. And they certainly howled with contempt. Discount HYTRIN, What surprised me however was the number of Democrats who proclaimed offense as well - some who have said equal or worse things about President Bush.

Like Charlie Rangel, the New York Congressman, who said this about Chavez in his angry press release:

"Don't come to the United States and think because we have problems with our President that any foreigner can come to our country and not think that Americans do not feel offended when you offend our chief of state."

Holy crap, BUY HYTRIN NO PRESCRIPTION. Who composed that sloppy joe sandwich of incoherency. Just break it down a tad and see what it looks like:

"Don't come to our country and think that you can come to our country and not think, HYTRIN reviews, that Americans do not feel offended, HYTRIN steet value, when you offend our President"

What a mess. I had to employ my handy-dandy Run-On Sentence Redundancy Double-Negative Angry Politician Tangled Over-Speak Translator Machine to decipher that no yes no mess Rangel calls a press release.

What he was trying to say was this: "Americans feel offended when foreigners come to our country and insult our President - even though we often insult the President ourselves."

And oh aren't we just the biggest pussies you ever met, HYTRIN maximum dosage. BUY HYTRIN NO PRESCRIPTION, We're always offended by something or another. It's the national pastime. HYTRIN price, We're offended by pornography. We're offended by flag burning. We're offended by raunchy lyrics, HYTRIN gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release. We're offended by anti-war slogans, BUY HYTRIN NO PRESCRIPTION. We're offended by religious, HYTRIN from canada, ethnic and sexual slurs. Doesn't it just seem that Americans go through there whole lives in a state of constant, "I'm offended", HYTRIN trusted pharmacy reviews.

Feel free to stab me in the skull with a compass point and etch a big fat bloody zero on my head should I ever feel offended by something somebody said about somebody I don't even know. Buy no prescription HYTRIN online, I love how Congressman Rangel delivers his statement like he's making a threat:
"Hey man, you better not criticize our president on our soil or else."

"Or else, what?"

"Or else we're gonna be, HYTRIN cost. . . Canada, mexico, india, offended."

"Your President is a douche."

"Um, yeah, ok, online buying HYTRIN, well better not say that again pal - cuz then we'll be very offended."

Oh yeah, Is HYTRIN addictive, we're badasses alright. Americans like to imagine ourselves as the overlords of the world, yet we pout like a crabby child king when our feelings are hurt, buy HYTRIN from canada. We don't mind so much when our President throws around his "axis of evil" diatribe, Order HYTRIN online c.o.d, but call him a devil and you're instantly public enemy #2.

"Axis of evil?" "Smells of sulfur?" Doesn't all this Armageddon-speak just make you laugh sometimes, BUY HYTRIN NO PRESCRIPTION. On one hand we have the American President who believes that there is an invisible man who lives under the ground who takes meetings with certain world leaders to discuss how to wreak havoc on the world. Then there is the Venezuelan President who believes Lucifer will, HYTRIN dosage, from time to time, Low dose HYTRIN, take on a human form to make speeches in front of world leaders in order to gain support for his Mephistophelean agenda. Did you notice that Chavez made the sign of the cross when he delivered that part of the speech, as if to shoo away George W, HYTRIN class. Beelzebub's unholy fog. BUY HYTRIN NO PRESCRIPTION, How could anyone be offended by this nonsense. HYTRIN from mexico, Especially a Harlem congressman.

In his press release, Rangel added, my HYTRIN experience, "Don't come into my country and condemn my president. HYTRIN photos, If there's any criticism of President Bush it should be restricted to Americans . . ."

First of all, when did Charles Rangel become the arbiter of who gets to criticize who and where, BUY HYTRIN NO PRESCRIPTION. Secondly, cheap HYTRIN, are we the biggest pussies on the planet or what. What is HYTRIN, Foreigners can't talk smack about our President when they are on our soil. What are we gonna do about it, get all up in their grill and act offended, where can i buy HYTRIN online.

And what's with this whole "soil" thing. BUY HYTRIN NO PRESCRIPTION, You often hear people talking about what you can or cannot say on different soils. HYTRIN over the counter, For instance, when Dixie Chicks singer Natalie Maines bagged on President Bush at a concert in London, they said it was wrong because she was on "foreign soil." Ditto Al Gore, effects of HYTRIN, Sean Penn and others. HYTRIN samples, Now we have President Chavez being lambasted by Charlie Rangel for talking the same trash Charlie Rangel talks on a daily basis - only it's wrong when Chavez says it because he doesn't live on the same soil.

News flash: It's all the same soil people. It's called Earth, get HYTRIN. Freedom of expression doesn't recognize the arbitrary lines we imagine to be above the soil because Freedom of Expression is a higher power than imaginary lines, BUY HYTRIN NO PRESCRIPTION. Freedom of expression transcends all borders. Where to buy HYTRIN, Furthermore, Hugo Chavez made those comments at the United Nations, the place where speech should be most free, HYTRIN blogs, where it matters most - at the world leader meetings, HYTRIN dangers, which affect everyone on the planet.

As far as I'm concerned Hugo Chavez could have said that George Bush is the cross-dressing, necrophilic offspring of a homicidal nursing home intern who strangles the elderly in their sleep and Cerberus the three-headed, ordering HYTRIN online, flesh-eating watchdog of Satan. Buying HYTRIN online over the counter, I suppose if I had to choose something by which to be offended, I would choose to be offended by the reality that free speech - despite the fact that millions have given their lives for it - is unfuckingbelievably still restricted. Here, australia, uk, us, usa. Right here, in America, in the 21st century, openly, blatantly, without remorse or humility. And it still smells of horseshit today.

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  1. Vance says:

    As straightforward as could be! I like to think I can see through the bullshit all the time, but that’s not realistic. There’s too much bullshit out there. When I read things like this essay, I feel kinship. I feel that there are other people paying attention too. They are also very good at showing me previously unforseen perspectives that help me to more clearly explain things to those that are not as curious about what is occuring in the world around us. Thank you…

  2. Jay Beacham says:

    Ever so poignant, ever so clear. Thank you!

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