"Well that drunk tank in Atlanta
Was just a hotel room to me."
-- Tom Petty
VITRIA FOR SALE, Tequila gold, a.k.a. VITRIA price, "Satan's urine," is a very evil and dangerous liquid, VITRIA pics. Australia, uk, us, usa, This story begins and ends with tequila.

There is no question that I was too drunk to drive home that fateful April '93 evening, VITRIA alternatives. VITRIA for sale, But I was very hungry and Tequila -- my nemesis -- insisted I drive to Roberto's for a carne asada burrito.

It was 3 a.m, VITRIA FOR SALE.

When the colored lights flashed behind me, VITRIA over the counter, VITRIA samples, I panicked. I liken that terror to what a diver must feel when he sees the silhouette of a shark coming into view from the murky darkness of the ocean floor, VITRIA from canadian pharmacy. Rx free VITRIA, I was polite to the officers, as usual, VITRIA price, coupon, Purchase VITRIA, but Tequila was uncouth. He called the male cop a fascist, taking VITRIA, Where can i buy VITRIA online, told the female officer that her gun was a poor substitute for a penis. VITRIA FOR SALE, As they cuffed me (tightly), and walked me toward the police car, I gazed at the alluring red and yellow tiles of Roberto's shimmering like the walls of the Emerald City only one block away.

"So close, buy generic VITRIA. Ordering VITRIA online, I had been so close."

They brought me to some special government DUI station where cops were bustling back and forth with their DUI suspects in handcuffs like a sort-of DUI anthill. The woman cop asked me whether I wanted to give blood or urine, buy cheap VITRIA. VITRIA brand name, "Tell her to go fuck herself," said Tequila, buy VITRIA no prescription. And so I did, citing Miranda rights, democracy, and Abe Lincoln," and explaining that I would not be giving any such tests as I have a "rightsch to not incrimimate mysshelf), VITRIA FOR SALE. Real brand VITRIA online, The woman cop said my license would be automatically suspended for a year unless I gave them an alcohol test and, because I didn't know what on Earth to do, VITRIA used for, VITRIA pharmacy, I sighed and rolled up my sleeve and offered them a most potent Bloody Maria.* Then I was taken back out to the police car and given another joyride that ended at the downtown jail. The male cop went inside while the female officer stayed in the cruiser with me, VITRIA steet value. VITRIA overnight, "She looks good for a cop," said Tequila, VITRIA canada, mexico, india. VITRIA australia, uk, us, usa, "You should ask her out."

"Shut up!," I said, VITRIA wiki. VITRIA FOR SALE, "Think about it," insisted Tequila. Herbal VITRIA, "It would be a historic score. To pick up the cop who arrested you for DUI?, VITRIA natural. VITRIA photos, You'll be a legend!"

They brought me inside and handcuffed me to the outside bars of a cell. Three armed guards entered the room escorting this Manson/Gotti/Ice Cube hybrid into the cell and chained him so that we were facing each other, doses VITRIA work, VITRIA results, nose to nose. His jailhouse tattoos, menacing scars, 4-foot jawbone, and his "I-axed-my-family" scowl made me realize -- in the penitentiary food chain I am plankton, VITRIA FOR SALE. I am an amoeba, purchase VITRIA for sale. Order VITRIA from mexican pharmacy, I am a baby seal bleeding in a nest of sharks. I see that he sees that I am easy pickings for the anal-raper squadron he no doubt commands over there in cell block 666, VITRIA dosage. VITRIA without prescription, "Got a smoke," he asks in a way that suggests that if I didn't have a smoke he would chew out of his leg chains and rape my anus, canada, mexico, india. VITRIA FOR SALE, Tequila wanted me to say something snotty to him. Buy no prescription VITRIA online, But somewhere inside of me I knew that was a bad idea.

"Sorry, generic VITRIA, My VITRIA experience, I don't," I said, fast shipping VITRIA.

After an hour or so I was taken away from the scowling family-axer and led to a 15x15 foot cubicle.

This was the infamous drunk tank. It stank of urine and mold and was crammed with an assortment of 30 or so drunk drivers, drunk hookers drunk hobos and various other intoxicated scalliwags of the downtown shadow-scape, VITRIA FOR SALE.

I always wanted to spend a night in a drunk tank. You know, get drunk in Mayberry one night and sleep it off in the jail cell while the deputy played solitaire in the other room. But this drunk tank was nothing like the TV drunk tank. There was no cot to lay down on, no deep-voiced "incarceration blues" songs. VITRIA FOR SALE, There is no romance to be had in a real drunk tank, unless you count the homo-eyes I was getting from the drag queen hooker junkie standing in the corner.

The worst part was, it was so crowded there was nowhere to sit. For hours and hours we stood there with no way to take a load off -- unless you were depraved enough to plop your ass down into one of those mystery puddles that formed in various locations on the cement floor. The puddles were rank, and congealing -- like Satan's ass juice oozing up from the cracks - and probably infested with various unscrupulous microbes swimming about searching for new orifices to invade.

But after two hours of upright misery I began to break down. I couldn't stand another second of standing, VITRIA FOR SALE. To make matters worse I had Tequila in my ear saying, "Do it. Sit in the puddle. Sit in the puddle of despair!!" So I chose the shallowest, unmurkiest, least disease-ridden puddle I could find and slowly lowered myself into it. Suffice to say that that moment - the precise moment when the pus of a million street urchins seeped onto my pants, and into my pores and other sacred orifices -- is the watermark against which all my future despairs will be measured.

After my release some 9 hours later, I climbed into a cab, wretched and stinking from Satan's anal moisture.

"What the hell happened to you?" the cabbie asked.

"Tequila is what happened to me," I answered before closing my eyes. "It was Tequila."


* Bloody Maria -- A Bloody Mary with tequila

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