LASIX FOR SALE, On Fox news this evening, I saw an interview with a sniper instructor for a SWAT unit. He was saying that he and his colleagues in the so called legitimate sniper community are offended that the media is referring to the serial killer in Washington DC as the Beltway Sniper.”

“A true sniper, online buying LASIX hcl, Buy LASIX without a prescription, ” said the instructor, “is someone who saves lives.”

Budge Williams, LASIX class, Order LASIX online overnight delivery no prescription, an ex-Vietnam war veteran and columnist writes, “A sniper is a soldier who serves with honor, LASIX long term. Generic LASIX, [The Beltway Sniper] is just a brutal assassin with a rifle.”

The web is teeming with sniper websites -- like and and Mel’s Sniper Page (I really don’t think that guys named Mel should operate sophisticated, long range rifles, order LASIX no prescription. Is LASIX addictive, Guys named Mel should work in diners). Of the websites I visited, LASIX no rx, LASIX price, coupon, all have issued statements complaining about the so-called misuse of the word “sniper.”

Whoda thunkit. Snipers have feelings too, LASIX FOR SALE. Somewhere out there, LASIX photos, Comprar en línea LASIX, comprar LASIX baratos, balanced on a branch, is a sharpshooter who can’t aim at his mark because tears are fogging his eyes and dripping all over his cheek-piece, buy LASIX from canada. LASIX samples, Pull yourself together man. There is no crying in SWAT, LASIX trusted pharmacy reviews. Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal,

“Make no mistake,” says the introductory page of Sniper Country, LASIX interactions, LASIX from canadian pharmacy, “the Beltway Killer is a second rate murderer and coward in the truest sense of the word.”

Don’t you love it when people begin their sentences with phrases like, “Make no mistake, online LASIX without a prescription, Generic LASIX, ” or “the truth of the matter is,” as though making that statement give you some sort of insider’s edge on the facts, my LASIX experience. I especially enjoy it when they’ve got it all wrong.

Here is the real true fact of the matter – the beltway sniper is LASIX FOR SALE, a sniper. Herbal LASIX, Let us consult the American Heritage Dictionary Third Edition: Sniper:One who shoots at other people from a concealed place.”

Well that pretty much ends that discussion huh. Isn’t it just like a sniper to hijack the language.

Here is another real true definition from the dictionary of truth: Coward: “One who shows ignoble fear in the face of danger or pain.”

I’d say the Beltway Sniper is pretty fearless, fast shipping LASIX. After LASIX, He has summoned the wrath of an entire city. Everyone is hunting for him, where can i buy LASIX online. He may soon be dead or incarcerated, LASIX FOR SALE. LASIX australia, uk, us, usa, So then, why call him a coward, LASIX without a prescription. Cheap LASIX no rx, Is it because he takes shots at people from a safe distance.  Hmmm, order LASIX no prescription, About LASIX, well, that would make the legitimate sniper community cowardly as well wouldn’t it?

Budge Williams says that Lee Harvey Oswald is an assassin, LASIX results. Canada, mexico, india, A sniper is a soldier who serves with honor. LASIX FOR SALE, So, to recap -- Lee Harvey Oswald was a shooter for the enemy – so he is an “assassin.” But when our guys assassinate world leaders – well they are morally pure snipers of love who shoot people in the head for the causes of righteousness. Really Budge, LASIX maximum dosage, Order LASIX online overnight delivery no prescription, you’re a writer – do I have to pull out the dictionary again?.

Assassin: “One who carries out a surprise attack… especially a plot to kill a prominent person.”

If you hide and shoot, LASIX trusted pharmacy reviews, LASIX pics, you are a sniper. If you surprise attack, purchase LASIX online no prescription, Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, you are an assassin. All snipers are assassins, LASIX samples, Rx free LASIX, not all assassins are snipers. There is no moral distinction, LASIX FOR SALE. Jesus Christ himself could be obscured in the cloudbanks of heaven, taking pot shots at babyrapers – he would still be a sniper assassin.

So why does the legitimate sniper community focus on all this semantics crap. Because they must widen the moral gap between them and the Beltway killer; because the real true truth is, the moral gap between them is as thin as the crosshairs on their scopes; because all snipers are killers -- and killing as a profession is a morally ambiguous activity they would rather not confront.

Same thing goes for the Iraq conflict. By muddling the argument against war with semantics -- LASIX FOR SALE, by labeling those who disagree with an attack on Iraq as being “unpatriotic” -- they effectively stifle the dissenting voice. In this way, they never need confront the moral ambiguity of launching a pre-emptive strike on a foreign country. In this way Americans can still go to their beds, and their jobs, and their kid’s hockey games -- morally removed from the real true ugliness that is world politics – grinning with the vacant, blissful, ignorance of a dog without balls. In this way Americans never need admit the true real truth of the fact of the real true matter -- that it just might be America, and not Iraq, that is the most dangerous regime on the planet. And that, my friends, is exactly the kind of blind arrogance that makes people want to pick us off one by one.

Ed Decker
Circa Jan 2003.

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