CityBeat columnist responds to Jewish community protests BUY ERIMIN NO PRESCRIPTION, (, March 17, 2006)
By Donald Harrison

SAN DIEGO-- A San Diego CityBeat columnist whose denunciation of gender separation and other Orthodox Jewish customs ignited a storm of protest letters from the San Diego Jewish community said he understands the community's reaction, but said although his language may be vile, he believes speaking out for women is just.

The exchange between columnist Edwin Decker and me began with my email to him, Purchase ERIMIN online no prescription, in which I asked for a telephone interview, explaining: "Your most recent column concerning the fact that Orthodox Jews do not shake hands with unrelated people of the other gender has prompted a lot of comment within the San Diego Jewish community. I'm told that some members of the community are writing letters to your newspaper in protest, ERIMIN long term. The Anti-Defamation League, ERIMIN dose, in particular, feels that you have offended the community."

In his response, the "Sordid Tales" columnist wrote "yes, taking ERIMIN, the Anti-Defamation league has contacted us. Buy ERIMIN without prescription, And we're receiving more angry mail than any article ever published in this magazine before. I would love to do an interview with you, but, given the angry nature of my letters, and what I perceive to be a total misunderstanding of my words, I would rather do the interview via email so that I have a written record of everything that was said, just in case I am misquoted, or quoted out of context, BUY ERIMIN NO PRESCRIPTION. This is not to imply that you would intentionally misquote me, but I have to protect myself here, buy cheap ERIMIN no rx. (I've never received communication from the anti defamation league before -- scary!). Cheap ERIMIN, Does this work for you?"

That was fine with me. Following are my questions, which were submitted as a group, ERIMIN class, and his responses:

Q: What experience have you had with the Jewish community. Are you yourself Jewish? BUY ERIMIN NO PRESCRIPTION, A: I'm not Jewish. ERIMIN from mexico, I was born into a Roman Catholic family and rejected it pretty early in my life. As for my experience with the Jewish community: Aside from the fact that my wife is Jewish, and many of my friends are Jews, buy ERIMIN no prescription, and I love Jewish comedians, ERIMIN maximum dosage, and writers, and directors and the food and the language, I guess that would have to be Kiryas Joel, online buying ERIMIN hcl.

Kiryas Joel was/is an enormous Hasidic community that neighbored my home town. Order ERIMIN online c.o.d, While there was no doubt a separation existed between my community and theirs - our proximity was so close that we had no choice to interact with each other. Thankfully, I had many opportunities to meet, and speak with, and enjoy the company of Hasidic men (sadly, never women), BUY ERIMIN NO PRESCRIPTION.

I've always been the type of person who has been attracted to and curious about different cultures and so I was always asking questions. One such man became a close friend, where can i cheapest ERIMIN online. Once a week he would come to the produce market where I worked. Purchase ERIMIN, It was my job to fulfill his special needs as he was shopping for a very large extended family. BUY ERIMIN NO PRESCRIPTION, He would buy several cases of lettuce, and other produce at a time and I would help him order them, and stack the pallet, then load them into his truck. Over the course of months/years we became friends. We liked to share stories about each other's communities, ERIMIN recreational. He was full of questions about my secular lifestyle as I was of his. My ERIMIN experience, He debunked a lot of urban myths for me (like the one about coitus through the hole in the sheet) and told me many things I just had no idea about. In turn, I told him about my lifestyle, BUY ERIMIN NO PRESCRIPTION. I remember him being nearly blown away when I told him I dated, and had sex with different partners (as I was single at the time.)

Q, what is ERIMIN. What is your reaction to the letters in response to your article. Online ERIMIN without a prescription, Do any of them make a point that you agree with.

A: My first reaction to the letters I have received, and many of them are quite spicy (I'm called an anti-Semite, ordering ERIMIN online, Nazi, ERIMIN steet value, white-hood-wearer, and even a self hating Jew) is that if I can dish out it, I better be able to take it, ERIMIN no prescription. BUY ERIMIN NO PRESCRIPTION, And I do understand the angry response.

I've written many sarcastic screeds about my own religion, ERIMIN street price, and of Islam, and fundamentalism in general, but none of them garnered the response this one has, ERIMIN interactions. Dozens and dozens of angry emails, ERIMIN pics, many message board posts on Jewish websites. Boycotts threatened. I mean, buy ERIMIN without a prescription, even the Anti-Defamation League has contacted us. Of course, I understand why Jews are more sensitive than other peoples, but that's not going to keep me from calling it as I see it, and the way I see it is, the language and literature of Orthodox Judaism can be very disrespectful to women, BUY ERIMIN NO PRESCRIPTION. ERIMIN images,
Q: How would you characterize the letters. Are they all angry or are some more dispassionate?

A: 98 percent of them are angry and highly passionate. A small amount have been positive, purchase ERIMIN online, and passionate. ERIMIN dangers, Zero are dispassionate.
BUY ERIMIN NO PRESCRIPTION, Q: I believe some people are more angry about your language than your questioning of Orthodox customs. Do you agree. Some comments call the language vile, ERIMIN coupon. Do you feel this is justified.

A. ERIMIN no rx, Yes, the language is vile. That's my style, BUY ERIMIN NO PRESCRIPTION. I'm a vile writer, ERIMIN online cod. My column is called Sordid Tales. ERIMIN description, It's quite vile. I grew up reading the vile smatterings of vile authors and loved it vilely so yes, the comment is justified, discount ERIMIN.

BUY ERIMIN NO PRESCRIPTION, Q: What conclusions do you draw from this episode. What conclusions do you think the Jewish community should come to?

A. Order ERIMIN from mexican pharmacy, I don't really like to think in terms of conclusions. The whole thing, the whole process of being human, ERIMIN without prescription, is a work in progress. Comprar en línea ERIMIN, comprar ERIMIN baratos, I guess I'm just for equality that's all. For everyone involved, BUY ERIMIN NO PRESCRIPTION. There's some stuff in the Talmud and the Tora that are pretty disrespectful of women, like their divorce rights, buy ERIMIN online cod, and Niddah, ERIMIN trusted pharmacy reviews, that I just will never understand, so I write about it. That's all, ERIMIN duration.

Q: Is there anything else that you would like to say on the matter, that perhaps I haven't asked you?

A: I just want it to be known that I am the farthest thing from an anti Semite you can find. I simply have no problem with the Jewish people, hard as that may be to believe. My problem is, and has always been, with the institution of fundamental or orthodox religions. I feel, for the most part, they can be repressive, regressive, and in my view tend to be disrespectful to women which is exactly the sort of thing I love to rail against.


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